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La Casa del Tango By IAIA | Idea Art Interior Architects as Architects

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‘How were you able to capture the real soul of Argentina?’

This is how the Argentinian ambassador to the UAE greeted us at the opening of La Casa del Tango.

Because the music alone is not enough, capturing the soul of Argentinian Tango bars was very important to achieve the mood that our clients were after for this multi-purpose space. The challenge was in creating the heart of Argentina in a multi-cultural city like Dubai. Another challenge arose, to combine a restaurant, a bar, a Tango school, and a theater.

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Project details
Location DubaiDubaiUnited Arab Emirates
Program Type Restaurant, Bar
Year Build completed in the year 2021
Tags bar, Restaurant, Hospitality
Involve Companies
Architects IAIA | Idea Art Interior Architects
Photographers Alex Jeffries

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