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LASZLO By Henley Halebrown as Architects

164615275519573.jpg Photographer: David Grandorge

164615275732317.jpg Photographer: David Grandorge

164615276123811.jpg Photographer: David Grandorge

164615276135742.jpg Photographer: David Grandorge

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164615386993046.jpg Photographer: Nick Kane

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The Laszlo is on a largely residential street in a conservation area in North London. The 5-storey building dates from c. 1900. 

The facades are brick, with pronounced piers and arched set-back window openings layered to create a facade with depth and shadow. Inside the structural frame is steel. Most of it is encased in elephantine concrete columns and beams but on some floors the steel structure is exposed. 

For decades the construction of an office building has been staged into a “shell and core” and subsequent “fit out”. This reflects the speculative aspect of office building where the shell…

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Project details
Location LondonEnglandUnited Kingdom
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2021
Tags office, Offices Interiors
Involve Companies
Architects Henley Halebrown
Photographers Nick Kane | Architectural Photography
Photographers David Grandorge
Planning Consultant JLL
Structural Engineer Pringuer-James
Services Engineer Peter Deer and Associates
Cost Consultant Exigere
Project manager Ashfold
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Blockwork Walls Forticrete Fairface
Mortar CPI Euromix M3WLY14 – white, flush brushed
Entrance Screen MHB MHB SL30-ISO, RAL 9005 SD Fine Texture
Internal Doors Forza Wood Doorsets, ply for paint FD30s, FD 60s
Ironmongery Allgood Modric Lever Handle
Bespoke Joinery Cre8
Manufacturers Encapsulite MT50 LED 5 HE & MT50 LED 2 HE
Precast Lintels Naylor Naylor R2 Lintel
Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Troldtekt
Fire Curtain HAG FC2s Fire Curtain C/W Smoke Seals (240min Fire Integrity)
Insultation ROCKWOOL International A/S Rockwool Multifix DD, 245mm

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