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Kusy Kawsay By Al Borde as Architects

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The problem that triggers this work comes together with a duty of his author: I became a big fan to listen up the music loud, it allowed me to do my architecture school assignments during the nights, but I did not realize that this bothered my neighbors.*. The project is a small cabin/studio to do the homework and listen to music without disturbing anybody. An introspection space settled down into the slope of the terrain, leaving at its lower base a meeting and rest space for the neighbors, which can be under the shade. The project…

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Project details
Location GuayaquilGuayasEcuador
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2016
Tags Family Residence, Residential Interiors, Private House, Luxury home, private residential
Involve Companies
Architects Al Borde
Photographers JAG Studio

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