Ku.Be House of Culture and Movement

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Ku.Be House of Culture and Movement By ADEPT as Architects

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The 4.000 m2 Ku.Be House of Culture in Movement was designed for the municipality of Frederiksberg as a focal point for both the immediate community and also the wider area of Copenhagen; one that the people themselves could take ownership of and that would evolve its program based on the specific wants and needs of its users. The project is a new typology, responding to a brief that solely asked for a building that would bring people together and improve the quality of life. In reply ADEPT and MVRDV answered with one that blends theatre, sport and learning into a…

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Project details
Location FrederiksbergHovedstadenDenmark
Program Type Culture Centre
Year Build completed in the year 2016
Involve Companies
Architects ADEPT
Architects MVRDV
Engineers Søren Jensen
Engineers Max Fordham
Consultants SLA
Photographers Adam Mørk Architectural Photography