Kindergarten in La Chana

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Kindergarten in La Chana By Elisa Valero arquitectura as Architects

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Place, program and construction determine the form of this kindergarten. The objectives are to make a functional building facing the right way, opening the classrooms and the large patio to the south, and doing so in a rapid, rational way. Straightforward geometry, all on one level to facilitate access. The entire building program is resolved under a roof of three continuous strips separated by patios. The outside is enclosed in high white wall that protects the children and their play from the view and noise of the street and the nearby railroad crossing. The entryway is angled so that the…

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Project details
Location GranadaAndaluciaSpain
Program Type Nursery, School
Year Build completed in the year 2010
Involve Companies
Architects Elisa Valero arquitectura
Contractors Bonifacio SolĂ­s, S.L.
Photographers Fernando Alda Fotografia

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