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Kapellenhof By feld72 as Architects

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450 flats, 5 communal spaces, a midwifery practice, city forest

The “Kapellenhof” in Vienna’s 22nd district offers affordable housing with a high quality of life. A perforated block perimeter with a spacious inner courtyard is reminiscent of traditional Viennese municipal housing. Bright rooms, far-reaching views and green spaces are offered by the apartments whilst the courtyard in the heart of the complex is an open playground, offering fluid transition between areas of retreat and places that encourage social interaction. Courtyard-facing entrances together with communal rooms and terraces complete this inviting ensemble. A raised plinth, that grounds the body of the…

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Project details
Location ViennaWienAustria
Program Type Apartment, Housing
Year Build completed in the year 2019
Involve Companies
Architects feld72
Architects AllesWirdGut
Consultants Dorr - Schober & Partner ZT GmbH
Engineers Kern+Ingenieure ZT GmbH

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