Kallhäll Train Station by &Rundquist

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Kallhäll Train Station by &Rundquist By APR as Event Organiser

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The Kallhäll Train Station opened to the public in August 2016 and includes a new commuter train station, a new pedestrian and cycling bridge over the railraod, a staircase connecting the bridge with the bus terminal, as well as the platform environment.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Transportation
Architects: Henrik Rundquist
Studio: &Rundquist
Team Members: Henrik Rundquist, Anna Undén, Peter Sundin, Andreas Paulson
Country: Sweden
Website: www.rundquist.se

The design of the buildings as well as of the bridge draws from functionality and durability, aiming…

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Program Type Train Station, Terminal, Tunnel
Year Conceptualization in the year
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