JianYe•LanHai ZhengFeng Hotel

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JianYe•LanHai ZhengFeng Hotel By Lacime Architects as Architects

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The project is located at the future land-air transport hub of Henan, which will be the core of future urban southward expansion plan. Architects consult the Rites of the Zhou•Records on the Examination of Craftsmanship in the preliminary planning and design process and integrate local symbols of the Central Plains Culture in an attempt to build a “paradise city with national customs” in Zhengzhou. 

The planning logic of “south garden and north yard” is followed for the whole area in this project. Ideas of Chinese ancient garden construction were introduced into the “south garden”, make the most important building the…

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Project details
Location ZhengzhouHenanChina
Program Type Hotel
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags Hospitality Architecture
Involve Companies
Architects Lacime Architects

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