Inner garden house

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Inner garden house By Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier as Architects

entry-1511970889.jpg Photographer: Koji Sakai

ld1-1511970900.jpg Photographer: Koji Sakai

ld2-1511970901.jpg Photographer: Koji Sakai

stair1-1511970901.jpg Photographer: Koji Sakai

stair2-1511970901.jpg Photographer: Koji Sakai

west-terrace-1511970901.jpg Photographer: Koji Sakai

ld3-1511970901.jpg Photographer: Koji Sakai

zsection-1511970926.jpg Photographer:

zplan-1511970926.jpg Photographer:

elevation2-1511970883-1517297221-1517299314.jpg Photographer:

This house is built in the eastern Sapporo, the north of Japan, where residences and factories coexist.  The first floor is RC structured, and a big garage and hobby room are located.  The second and the third floor are wooden structured, and they are used for the dwelling space.  The client requested the residence to be closed from the surroundings, but to keep the relationship with outside environment.  

Architects: Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier
Location: Sapporo, Japan
Site area: 153 sqm
Building area: 152 sqm
Design period: 2007-2008
Construction period: 2008-2009
Photographer: Koji…

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Project details
Location SapporoHokkaidoJapan
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2009
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