Indoor Swimming Pool

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Indoor Swimming Pool By Ayerbe Recco Arquitectos as Architects

7-1504794260.jpg Photographer: © 2003 Jesús Granada

1-1504794260.jpg Photographer: © 2003 Jesús Granada

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The site, located in an area of extension of the municipality, is adjacent to the municipal park. It is its main quality, its condition of background space of the park, which gives the possibility of establishing a relationship between this one and the swimming pool. The sight of the park determines the location and orientation of the nave of pools - main space of the building- which appropriates, to some extent, the existing vegetation, to give the user the feeling of being immersed in it. 

In turn, the location of the lobby allows creating an input sequence to the facilities:…

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Project details
Location Spain
Program Type Swimming Pool
Year Build completed in the year 2003
Involve Companies
Architects Ayerbe Recco Arquitectos
Photographers Jesús Granada
Contractors Martín Casillas SL
Clients Junta de Andalucía

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