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Hox Haus - a central focus for Hox Park student campus By 74 as Architects

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A major project by 74 to extend and remodel a Grade II-listed, two-storey, Victorian brick building in a semi-rural location in Englefield Green, just outside Egham. The repurposed 453 sq m building – Hox Haus – was to serve as the central focus, clubhouse and social amenity for Hox Park student campus, newly-created by developers Moorfield Group for students attending Royal Holloway, University of London.

The new campus is located within a larger, 67-acre mixed-use site, owned by Royalton Group. Its Surrey location, near Runnymede, where Magna Carta was once signed, lent the site its name: Magna Carta…

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Location EghamEnglandUnited Kingdom
Program Type University
Year Build completed in the year 2018
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