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House of many-worlds By Austigard Arkitektur as Architects

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A largefamily table measuring 1.5 x 3.0 m forms the center of the apartment.This open, double-height space is dominated by the wideoutlook to the treetops outside, where well accustomed squirrels and birds frequently show up. The dimensions of the table alone allow family members to do be occupied with different activities around the same table – chatting, eating, doing homework – without interfering with each other, in the same social situation.

Architect: Austigard Arkitektur
Team: Tor O. Austigard, Mira Wolden
Location: Oslo, Norway
Year: 2018
Area: 100 sqm net area
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Project details
Location OsloOsloNorway
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Architects Austigard Arkitektur

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