House at the lake of constance

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House at the lake of constance By Tom Munz Architekt as Architects

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Replacement construction, Lake of Constance, Switzerland Tom Munz Architekt St. Gallen

The building is located in the small village of Egnach in the hilly foreland of the Lake of Constance. The client purchased a property including a single-­family house dating from the 1960s. The tight budget demanded an unconventional spatial approach as well as the use of alternative material solutions. Foundation and basement of the existing building could be kept and were complemented by a two story prefabricated wooden lightweight construction.

The replacement displays high quality architecture in a distinct and functional form.…

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Project details
Location EgnachThurgauSwitzerland
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Tags Family Residence, Private House
Involve Companies
Architects Tom Munz Architekt

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