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The house as a village By feld72 as Architects

feld72_haus-d_170927-30_schreyerdavid-1511873857.jpg Photographer: David Schreyer

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feld72_house-d_top-floor-1511874727.png Photographer: feld72

feld72_house-d_section-aa-1511874750.png Photographer: feld72

feld72_house-d_section-bb-1511874782.png Photographer: feld72

feld72_haus-d_170927-01_schreyerdavid-1511873861-1517298067.jpg Photographer:

In close proximity to the parental house and right next to the sister’s home, the younger brother also wanted to fulfill the dream of building his own four walls. In the end, however, a whole lot more than just four walls developed. feld72 had already realised designs for the two sisters, thereby having earned the full trust of the client and his family. Through their courage, it was possible to realise a most unusual concept that, despite the small size of the plot, met the task with an idea as unconventional as it was effective.

Four in one
Four tower-like…

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Project details
Location CaldaroTrentino-Alto AdigeItaly
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Involve Companies
Engineers Obrist & Partner

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