Hotel Jardines de Nivaria in Tenerife

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Hotel Jardines de Nivaria in Tenerife By B.Lux as Manufacturers

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B.lux and Stone Designs light up the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria in Tenerife
The Stone Designs studio was tasked with remodelling the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria in Tenerife, along with the ImpulsARQ studio and designer lamp manufacturer B.lux. The remodelling project is focused on upgrading the suites at the hotel, two restaurants, the spa and common areas while adhering to the style that represents the DNA of the Adrián Hoteles brand.

The work began with the remodelling of the suites, which involved creating a series of elements that will serve to unify the rest of the project. In terms…

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Project details
Location Santa Cruz De TenerifeSpain
Program Type Hotel
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Manufacturers B.Lux

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