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Hoshakuji Station By Kengo Kuma and Associates as Architects

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7ĬùrÆ-ÿhÆfû-Å+ì+É}-copy-1504527185.jpg Photographer:

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Concept: The starting point was to open the east exit of Hoshakuji Station. We aimed at connecting the west and east sides of the station, which had been divided by the railroad. It eventually meant the link between the west and the east of the town of Takanezawa, and between the station and Chokkura Plaza & Shelters, which we designed in the east exit area. It is not a design of a station as a box, but is as an aperture.

The aperture starts at its ‘neighbor’, Chokkura Plaza. We first decided to preserve the old warehouse of Oya stone…

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Project details
Location TochigiJapan
Program Type Train Station
Year Build completed in the year 2008
Involve Companies
Architects Kengo Kuma and Associates

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