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Heritage Park By LAA Office as Architects

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Heritage Park, a new pocket park designed by LAA Office, a Columbus, Indiana-based multi-disciplinary design studio, is activated by public art and placemaking.The project stems from Indiana University’s Center for Rural Engagement and ServeDesign Center, who funded the initial study for the park and implementation funding was provided through a significant grant from Regional Opportunity Initiatives. LAA Office’s design creates a new, linear path between Salem’s Central Square and the John Hay Center, a 5-acre campus with a historical museum and period buildings owned and operated by the Washington County Historical Society. Heritage Park links these two landmarks…

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Project details
Location SalemIndianaUnited States
Program Type Park, Heritage
Year Build completed in the year 2021
Tags architecture, Architectural Surfaces, park, Landscape, Heritage
Involve Companies
Architects LAA Office
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Composite Decking Trex
Rockers Loll Designs
Sun Shades Landscape Forms

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