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Heera Bluewater By SM Studio as Architects

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Located on a highly contoured site overlooking the Akolum River, this house is an interesting contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional Mediterranean home. Built of ideal square cube- shaped sections, the rooms are determined by the house’s external form, juxtaposed with huge windows to capture the views around.

Architect: SM studio
Location: Akolam,Trivandram,Kerela.India
Design Team: Suresh Mistry,Meghana Shetty
Project Area: 3500 sft

The large windows make use of natural light and are interspaced with smaller once that light specific areas variably in the house & also frame the horizons.
The entire house is divided…

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Project details
Location KeralaIndia
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects SM Studio

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