Gateway Hai Phong

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Gateway Hai Phong By DPLUS Vietnam as Interior designers

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Gateway Hai Phong is one of the very few international schools which has the EDGE certificate. 


Located in Hai Phong, a coastal city, the image of GIS Hai Phong was associated with the blue sea and waves. That was also the main concept we finalised for this project. In the colour theme of blue, pink and emerald green, we exploited red, taking from Gateway’s identity, as the highlight colour overall.


Divided into two main spaces: the employee's working area and the classroom area.…

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Project details
Location HaiphongHaiphongVietnam
Program Type School
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Tags Interior design, education, schools, 3D Exterior Rendering,, School Interior
Involve Companies
Architects DPLUS Vietnam

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