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G5 Brewing Company By Cushing Terrell as Architects

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For the Gundersons, the G5 Brewing Company is a legacy project that celebrates family and the places they call home. Melding aspects of their home state (Wisconsin) and their second home (Montana), the design balances two vernacular aesthetics, contemporary details, and materials to create a comfortable brewery and restaurant in which to gather for good company and a pint or two.

The 9,750-square-foot building’s primary areas represent the five members of the family and are organized around a central beer garden with views into the brewing operations—the heart of the project. Tumbled red brick on the exterior and within the space…

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Project details
Location BeloitWisconsinUnited States
Program Type Bar
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Cushing Terrell
Contractors Rockford Structures

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