Four Houses in One

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Four Houses in One By Kuba & Pilar as Architects

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The building is located in a quiet residential Masaryk district, full of quality pre-war functionalist architecture. The volume and spatial solution is based on the character and proportions of the nearest buildings. Residential complex consists of four blocks of different sizes - apartment buildings - which protrude above the terrain from a common underground base. The set of buildings thus naturally fits into its surroundings.

The site with a south-west orientation and an attractive view over the Brno Exhibition Centre to the Kohoutovice forest was the reason for the maximum orientation and the opening of the residential complex into this…

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Project details
Location Jihomoravský krajCzechia
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags house, Family Residence, Private House
Involve Companies
Architects Kuba & Pilar
Photographers BoysPlayNice
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Clinker Brick Slips Stroeher Kontur 472
Door Entry System BTicino Linea 300
Bathroom Tiles Marazzi Stonework
Outdoor Step Lights Ares Alfia
Wooden Floor Bauwerk Parquet Monopark
Radiators KORADO Radik Line Vertikal
Interior Downlights Neko Lighting TAKEO
Switches And Wall Plugs Schneider Electric SE Asfora
Outdoor lighting SIMES Kube 240
Street Lamps Thorn Lighting Urba
Lighting WEVER & DUCRE Ray 1.0
Skylights And Entrance Doors SCHUECO
Outdoor Bench Woody mmcite street furniture
All Sanitary Facilities Laufen
Composite Facade Sheet ALBOND
All Bathroom Faucets Hansa
Garage Door Hoermann
Walls, Partitions Kalksandstein
Elevators thyssenkrupp Elevator

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