Fogo Island Inn

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Fogo Island Inn By Wetstyle as Manufacturers

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WETSTYLE provided all the premium-quality products that offer rejuvenation of the body and spirit for the guests. The products are custom-made and compliment the elegant furnishings of local craftspeople. All WETSTYLE products are made of WETMAR™ BiO an eco-friendly natural stone composite material.

Fogo Island Inn was created to serve as the ultimate escape for its visitors. Brilliant architecture surrounded by breathtaking views are amplified with luxurious interior décor, giving all visitors an unforgettable experience. WETSTYLE’s exceptional custom-made craftsmanship mirror the intricately detailed plans that helped bring Fogo Island to life. WETSTYLE’s premium-quality products at Fogo Island Inn offer rejuvenation…

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Project details
Location Newfoundland and LabradorCanada
Program Type Hotel
Year Build completed in the year 2013
Involve Companies
Architects Saunders Architecture
Interior designers Rintala Eggertsson Architects
Manufacturers Duravit
Manufacturers Wetstyle
Manufacturers Arancia Lighting
Engineers Bayview Electrical Ltd.

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