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Museum of Guggenheim By TheeAe Architects as Architects

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The Creation of Architectural Garden through a Form of Broken Ice
The environment present in the city is the cityscape that creates the characteristic of the town. It is a form of elevation that our eye can capture. It may be an expression of our needs to survive in the town. Furthermore, it would generate emotional and sentimental effusion by creating a memory out of it. 

Architect: TheeAe Architecture & Interior Design
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Status: Competition Entry Guggenheim
Type: Museum
Site Area: 19,800 sqm
Bult Area (Gross Floor): 12,450 sqm
Floors: Level 1 to Level…

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Project details
Location HelsinkiSouthern FinlandFinland
Program Type Culture Centre, Museum
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects TheeAe Architects

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