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Flat at lokhandwala By Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers as Architects

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Chief Architect Milind Pai of the firm Milind Pai – Architects & Interior Designers, graduated with a 1st class degree from Sir J.J. College of architecture in 1987. The firm was established in the very 1st year after completing his graduation. The core purpose since the inception of this firm has been to ‘Inspire creativity’. Since then Milind Pai – Architects & Interior Designers has evolved into a dedicated team of professionals committed to design excellence and offering comprehensive service in the field of Architecture, Interior Designing and Project Consultation.

A wide variety of interior design projects, have earned the…

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Project details
Location MaharashtraIndia
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers

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