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Flamingo Lounge By Tabanlioglu Architects as Architects

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Candy-pink resin, true to Miami fever
In order to build a worldwide communication between cultures, intellectual dialogue is precious in the 21st century. Architectural style that combines various approaches with modern social requirements is the most appealing theme for contemporary architects; solidarity between the design communities of different cultures blend together both inheritance and innovation.

Architects: Tabanlioglu Architects
Location: 33 Bayswater Road Potts Point, New South Wales, Australia

Meeting at venues like Design Miami,art, architecture, design and engineering professionals establish the global platform to interact enabling, sharing and exchange of ideas and experiences in cultural life…

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Project details
Location Potts PointNew South WalesAustralia
Program Type Culture Centre
Year Build completed in the year 2016
Involve Companies
Architects Tabanlioglu Architects

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