Fernanda House

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Fernanda House By Edward Rojas Arquitectos as Architects

163457195856249.jpg Photographer: Esteban Uribe Mansilla

163457196359361.jpg Photographer: Esteban Uribe Mansilla

163457196932065.jpg Photographer: Esteban Uribe Mansilla

Fernanda House it is a small house in Conchas Blancas, this is a kind of tiny house in Chiloé, oriented to the sun and the magnificent landscape of the canal, which reiterates and contemporaneous in its exterior the typology of the traditional volume with its chiflonera .  The one that welcomes on the first level, the public space with its double height in which the bedroom located on a second level participates, in a modern sovereign, whose roof opens with a viewpoint to the landscape. 


Casa Fernanda  Se trata de una pequeña vivienda…

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Project details
Location AchaoLos LagosChile
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags house, Family Residence, Residential Architecture, Private House, Luxury home
Involve Companies
Architects Edward Rojas Arquitectos

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