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FIM headquarters By LOCALARCHITECTURE as Architects

fim-new-headquarters-(2)-1508509369.jpg Photographer: Mathieu Gafsou

fim-new-headquarters-(3)-1508509370.jpg Photographer: Mathieu Gafsou

fim-new-headquarters-(4)-1508509370.jpg Photographer: Mathieu Gafsou

fim-new-headquarters-(5)-1508509370.jpg Photographer: Mathieu Gafsou

fim-new-headquarters-(7)-1508509377.jpg Photographer: Joel Tettamanti

fim-new-headquarters-(6)-1508509377.jpg Photographer: Joel Tettamanti

fim-new-headquarters-(8)-1508509377.jpg Photographer: Joel Tettamanti

fim-new-headquarters-(9)-1508509377.jpg Photographer: Joel Tettamanti

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fim-new-headquarters-(15)-1508509387.jpg Photographer:

fim-new-headquarters-(1)-1508509362-1517382236.jpg Photographer:

Elegant and iconic, the new headquarters of the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) had to wait ten years before taking shape on a site in the outskirts of Geneva where road and railway meet. It was in 2006 that LOCALARCHITECTURE and Bureau d’Architecture Danilo Mondada won the competition (conducted by the MEP – Mandat d’Études Parallèles – parallel development selection process) for the extension of the International Motorcycling Federation’s main headquarters in Mies in the canton of Vaud. Following a change of administration at the FIM the project was abandoned. A new selection procedure with invited architects was launched in 2013,…

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Project details
Location VaudSwitzerland
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2016
Involve Companies
Architects Thinka architecture studio Sàrl
Engineers INGENI . Ingénierie structurale
Engineers Architecture & Acoustique
Manufacturers Amstein + Walthert AG
Manufacturers BCS SA
Photographers Matthieu Gafsou
Photographers Joël Tettamanti

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