Extension of the Kunsthalle Mannheim (Mannheim Museum of Modern Art)

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Versatile light for Mannheim Museum of Modern Art By Tridonic as Suppliers

154358481775043.jpg Photographer: HG Esch Photography

154358482274426.jpg Photographer: HG Esch Photography

154358482294089.jpg Photographer: Andreas K├Ârner

LED light engines in the new exhibition cubes 
The lighting in the new extension to the Kunsthalle Mannheim (Mannheim Museum of Modern Art) can be tailored to suit different requirements thanks to the controllable lighting panels in the ceiling and configurable spotlights – anything is possible, from a black box to a white cube for presenting artwork. The key to this sophisticated solution is the use of LED light engines and LED drivers from Tridonic. 

Mannheim is known as the “city of squares” because of its ordered structure of blocks in a chessboard pattern. Architects Gerkan, Marg und Partner…

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Project details
Location MannheimBaden-WurttembergGermany
Program Type Museum
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Suppliers Tridonic
Manufacturers Zumtobel
Manufacturers iGuzzini

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