Euravenir Tower Lille

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Euravenir Tower Lille By Local Architecture Network as Architects

163362305731644.jpg Photographer: Julien Lanoo

163362305999293.jpg Photographer: Julien Lanoo

163362306256419.jpg Photographer: Julien Lanoo

163362306448135.jpg Photographer: Julien Lanoo

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16336230738383.jpg Photographer: Julien Lanoo

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In 1990, in his preface titled “Quantum Leap” for the work presenting the Euralille project1 , Rem Koolhaas wrote: “In our contemporary world, programs become abstract in the sense that they are no longer tied to a specific place or city. They float and gravitate opportunistically around those places that provides them with the most connections.” And then, “All these facts describe a new condition that is at once local and global, as important for the “Japanese” as it is for the “Lillois.”

In explaining the Lille-Europe Project, this text allows us to understand that…

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Project details
Location LilleHauts-de-FranceFrance
Program Type Office, Shop
Year Build completed in the year 2013
Tags office, shop, Commercial
Involve Companies
Architects Local Architecture Network
Photographers Julien Lanoo
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Copper Facades Nordic Copper from Aurubis Finland Nordic Standard
Manufacturers Hunter Douglas Architectural USA
Manufacturers WICONA
copper cover Tolartois

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