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Entrance Pavilion of the zoological park of la Garenne By LOCALARCHITECTURE as Architects

entrance-pavilion-la-garenne-zoo-(2)-1508512637.jpg Photographer: © Mathieu Gafsou

entrance-pavilion-la-garenne-zoo-(3)-1508512637.jpg Photographer: © Mathieu Gafsou

entrance-pavilion-la-garenne-zoo-(4)-1508512638.jpg Photographer: © Mathieu Gafsou

entrance-pavilion-la-garenne-zoo-(5)-1508512645.jpg Photographer: © Mathieu Gafsou

entrance-pavilion-la-garenne-zoo-(7)-1508512650.jpg Photographer: © Mathieu Gafsou

entrance-pavilion-la-garenne-zoo-(6)-1508512650.jpg Photographer: © Mathieu Gafsou

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entrance-pavilion-la-garenne-zoo-(12)-1508512658.jpg Photographer:

entrance-pavilion-la-garenne-zoo-(1)-1508512632-1517382363.jpg Photographer:

For 48 years La Garenne zoo had occupied a site below the village of Le Vaud – and then in 2013 a project took shape to move the entire zoo to a much bigger neighbouring site. A new concept was developed, featuring an educational trail that links up the various aviaries and enclosures, moving from a pastoral landscape to an alpine setting and ending with a treetop walkway among the trees of the local forest. LOCALARCHITECTURE was commissioned to design an entrance pavilion for the new zoo. The key challenge for the architects was therefore to incorporate into this setting…

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Project details
Location Le VaudVaudSwitzerland
Program Type Pavillion, Zoo
Year Build completed in the year 2016
Involve Companies
Photographers Matthieu Gafsou

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