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Eden Residential By Avat architectural group as Architects

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The main pattern in the emergence of the facade design is the creation of private terraces behind the main facade panels. Terraces that connect the interior with the exterior and serve as small courtyards that serve the interior behind the layered panels and increase the quality of the space by improving the surrounding landscape.

Architect Name: Avat architectural group
Project Address: Iran, Mashhad, Vakilabad Boulevard
Architect responsible: Ali Nase
Completion Year: 2019
Total built area (m2): 900m2
Executive team: Engineer Asadi, Engineer Rasoulzadeh (Eden Construction Group) 
Presentation: Elahe Ghotbi

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Project details
Location MashhadRazavi Khorasan ProvinceIran
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2019
Tags house, Family Residence, Residential
Involve Companies
Architects Avat architectural group

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