Eaves Beneath - Jyeongchang Dong Art Complex

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Eaves Beneath - Jyeongchang Dong Art Complex By TheeAe Architects as Architects

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The main concept of our design is the fusion of the old and new. From the material used to the form of mass, its outcome expresses the work of art, the contemporary architecture through traditional Korean architectural form metaphorically

The materials used for the façade are copper and silver perforated metal panels, which go under different finishing. Some copper panels have a rust finish, demonstrating the past times; on the other hand, the smooth and clean silver metal panels represent present. We will be using refurbished recycled metals and new ones, giving a more varied and random patterns for the…

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Project details
Location SeoulSeoul-t'ukpyolsiSouth Korea
Program Type Culture Centre, Gallery
Year Conceptualization in the year
Involve Companies
Architects TheeAe Architects

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