Duomo Suites & SPA by Scannella Architects

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Duomo Suites & SPA by Scannella Architects By APR as Event Organiser

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It is a historic building in the Baroque center of Catania, redesigned as hotel which tells Sicily cinematographically.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Hospitality
Architects: Giuseppe Scannella
Studio Name: Scannella Architects
Team Members: Giuseppe Scannella, Anna Maria D’Imprima, Giuseppe Marcedone
Country: Italy
Website: www.scannella.it

The particular history of the building contributed to the articulation of the spaces. The original core, dating back to the ‘500, was rebuilt after the 1693 earthquake afterwards it was subjected to several changes, the last one, probably date back…

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Program Type Restaurant, Night Club, Information Center
Year Build completed in the year
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