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Doug Fir By Skylab Architecture as Architects

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Doug Fir is a 25,100-square-foot modern log cabin-inspired bar, restaurant, and music venue, conjuring an idealized vision of Portland’s up-and-coming potential as a global travel destination and cultural hub. The site began as a run-down diner adjacent to a forgotten motor lodge in an underappreciated stretch of East Burnside. The mountain lodge aesthetic was created by expanding the modernist elements of the original motel and recapturing the optimistic experience of mid-century travel and motel culture found in the existing site. Large glulam beams were restored and offset with new modern finishes of stainless steel, glass block, and chrome ceiling panels,…

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Project details
Location PortlandOregonUnited States
Program Type Bar
Year Build completed in the year 2005
Tags bar
Involve Companies
Architects Skylab Architecture

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