Dominican School in Ogíjares

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Dominican School in Ogíjares By Elisa Valero arquitectura as Architects

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The Dominican School in Ogíjares occupies a well-constructed 19th-century building that originally a country house.
The construction consists of three wings around an interior central patio with four sides of unequal depth. The façade is extended to include the entryway to a romantic garden with important cypress, palm and pomegranate trees.
Structurally, the building is made of brick with marble columns (in the patio and one of the interior galleries).
The intervention consisted of reforming the upper floor as a residential area for the nuns. The reformation is partial and concerns…

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Project details
Location GranadaAndaluciaSpain
Program Type School
Year Build completed in the year 2012
Involve Companies
Architects Elisa Valero arquitectura
Photographers Fernando Alda Fotografia

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