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Dojo-Bullguard By Shirli Zamir Design Studio as Designers

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bullguard-by-kfir-ziv_393-1527771742.jpg Photographer: Kfir Ziv

"Dojo" is an Israeli start-up company purchased in 2017 by "Bullguard". Today’s home network looks like a small business network, as the modern smart home is connected to over dozens of devices, such as thermostats, TVs, light switches, alarm systems, etc. While the smart home is a marvelous invention, designed to make daily digital life even easier, hackers are attacking home networks and consumer devices, introducing numerous cybersecurity risks. Dojo-labs was established to try and supply cyber protection for networks applied for smart-homes.

Design: Shirli Zamir Design Studio
Location: Herzliya Pituah, Israel
Project Designer: Shirli…

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Project details
Location HerzliyaTel AvivIsrael
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Designers Shirli Zamir Design Studio

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