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Deira Plaza By LWK + PARTNERS as Architects

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In areas that face high traffic volume and congestion an attempt to encourage more vibrant Public Realm activities is needed to assist in mitigating the unfriendly pedestrian environment. Deira Plaza is designed to promote environmentally comfortable public spaces by offering an Urban Plaza programme, without compromising the much-needed vehicular parking facilities required by residents and visitors.

The Plaza will cover an area of 35,000m2 and provides a multi-layered urban public space for entertainment and community activities. The design sensitively increases the parking numbers to around 1000 spaces, as well as including a series of urban parks, performance and event facilities,…

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Project details
Location DubaiDubaiUnited Arab Emirates
Program Type Community Center
Year Conceptualization in the year
Involve Companies
Architects LWK + PARTNERS

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