Decorato Dental Center

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Decorato Dental Center By DFG Architetti Associati as Architects

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The new Decorated Dental Center looks like an avant-garde, iconic building, ambitious to become over time a point of reference for the town of Vittoria, in Sicily. It is the result of a complex and delicate work of recovery, structural consolidation, modification and redevelopment of a pre-existing building structure. The intervention made it possible to give new life to an object that had by now exhausted its life cycle, also in relation to structural problems that compromised the static nature of the building.

The new Dental Center is a set of functions that revolve around the…

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Project details
Location RagusaSiciliaItalia
Program Type Hospital
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags Hospitality Architecture, Government and Health, Hospital, Healthcare Architecture, hospitality design
Involve Companies
Architects DFG Architetti Associati
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Sliding Doors Reynaers Aluminium CS 68, Hi-Finity, CP 68, Concept System 68
Manufacturers Falper QUATTRO.ZERO, QUATTRO ZERO, Ciotola 60, Ciotola 43
Washbasin Ceramica Flaminia Roll 44
Floor lamp Davide Groppi srl SAMPEI
Tapware Fantini Venezia In
Outdoor Armchair, Outdoor bed, Outdoor Sofa Talenti Casilda, Breez, Alabama Alu
Toilet seat Alice Ceramica Srl UNICA WC, UNICA Bidet
Chair MDF Italia Sing Matt, Sing Filo
Manufacturers Plust Collection Jetlag, Gumball Armchair
Lighting L&L Luce&Light Bright 1.6
Blinds, Curtains and Shades Manufacturer Bandalux Aluminum Venetian Blinds
Sliding door Albed Prima
Armchair, Sofa Ditre Italia Srl KYO, SANDERS
Manufacturers LEDS C4 Play Deco
Entrance door Oikos Tekno
Contemporary style semi-inset Corian® washbasin Antonio Lupi Design S.p.A. STRAPPO
Chair Pedrali BABILA 2745
Direct light steel table lamp Louis Poulsen AJ TABLE MINI

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