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DLF Capital Greens Residence By Group DCA as Architects

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The residence at Moti Nagar, New Delhi acted as an exercise to develop a keen eye for finer details and evolving of spatial use in the practice of interior designing. With a number of local restrictions and bye-laws, the pre-constructed structure could be modified only to a certain extent in convergence with the design intervention. Most of the pre-installed appliances, switches, water taps and faucets, etc. were retained to minimise costs and lower the environmental impact.

Architect Name: Group DCA
Location: New Delhi
Category: Residences
Client: Dinesh
Year: 2019

A major portion of the…

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Project details
Location New DelhiDelhiIndia
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2019
Tags house, Family Residence, Residential
Involve Companies
Architects Group DCA

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