Cultural Space of No. 16 Bangchiao

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Cultural Space of No. 16 Bangchiao By TanzoSpace Design Office as Architects

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The surface of the architecture utilized high-fiber concrete from France, in addition to wind tunnel type of parametric design. This is the first domestic architecture which uses such technology, and has been known as top ten transparent architectural exterior in the world.

The lighting and shadow effects are presented in morning in the interior, while the exterior utilizes hollow design. The effect is opposite at night, as the designer hopes to shape it into an unique space in the alley.

Architects: TanzoSpace Design Office
Location: Bangchiao South Valley, Dongcheng District,…

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Project details
Location BeijingBeijingChina
Program Type Exhibition Center
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Architects TanzoSpace Design Office

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