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Clifton 301 By OKHA as Manufacturers

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OKHA’s latest interior project, Clifton 301, is a seasonal two-bedroom apartment in a sophisticated contemporary complex designed by SAOTA. Flanked on either side by Table Mountain’s legendaryTwelve Apostles, it looks out over breath-taking panoramic views of the Cape Atlantic Ocean and is inequal parts luxurious getaway, relaxed coastal retreat and entertainer’s dream.

The architects designed the complex with deliberately pared-down, monochromatic interior shells. Not only was OKHA responsible for the interior decoration, but also designed key items of bespoke handmade furniture throughout the apartment.

“Our first objective was to individualize the space by modulating the internal colour…

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By: Raman kumar on 30-Oct-2020
Beautiful home
Project details
Location Cape TownWestern CapeSouth Africa
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2019
Involve Companies
Architects SAOTA
Manufacturers OKHA
Pendant Maxim Lighting

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