China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center

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China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center By WSP ARCHITECTS as Architects

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China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center is situated in central area of Optics Valley New City on High-Tech Avenue, it serves as an important public function of Optics Valley Central City and is responsible for holding the annual CIOE. It is also an important complement to the functions of the surrounding districts.

Design/completion: 2013/2017.06
Location: Wuhan, China
Site area: 54,361.93㎡
Floor area: 96,513.08㎡
Floor area ratio: 1.78
Text and images provided by: WSP ARCHITECTS

The high tech road is an exhibitive main road of the city, with…

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Project details
Location China
Program Type Museum
Year Build completed in the year 2017
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