Cheetah Plains

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Cheetah Plains By OKHA as Interior Décor, bespoke furniture

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The biggest safari story in Southern Africa, and why OKHA was the chosen décor supplier
OKHA created statement pieces for new luxury safari lodge, Cheetah Plains, which is set in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. They worked in close collaboration with ARRCC (the architects and interior designers) and architect, Stefan Antoni of SAOTA. Stefan reveals that “No matter how good architecture is, it can only succeed when the interior upholds that level of sophistication.” He feels that OKHA is able to “design furniture that upholds and mirrors the beauty of architecture”.

Architect responsible: ARRCC

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By: Matheus Pereira on 31-Oct-2020
Looking beautiful house, specially center table given in this house
Project details
Location PretoriaGautengSouth Africa
Program Type Hotel
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Manufacturers OKHA
Manufacturers Coral & Hive
Architects Tom Hattingh
Architects ARRCC