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Casa entre pinos By Infante Arquitectos as Architects

161283355029673.jpg Photographer: César Belio

161283357733799.jpg Photographer: César Belio

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The house is located in a property with an upward slope attached to the golf course, in the Altozano housing development, in Morelia, Mexico. Where five pines calmly protect the horizon and its surroundings. A single piece or volume is born after the true protagonists of the project, always prioritizing nature.

This volume is closed to the northwest, being the access of personnel and machine room of the clubhouse of the fractionation, opening to the southeast and southwest privileging the views, natural light and the forest. Adapted to the topography of the terrain,…

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Project details
Location MoreliaMichoacánMéxico
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Involve Companies
Architects Infante Arquitectos
Photographers César Belio
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Bath Helvex Single Lever E-916, Shower H3007'TR035-EB / CR, WC Murano, LV Lucerna 1 Sink, Hook 9106-EB / CR, Towel Rack 9109-EB / CR, Paper Holder 9117-EB / CR
Cement CEMEX Gray Cement CPC 30R
Lighting Tecnolite TH1161 / CN LAMP, LAMP 12YDLED430MV30B, YD-700-1N LAMP, LAMP GVCLED 891MV30V, LAMP CTLED-152/30 / N, LAMP TLLED-407/30 / N, LAMP 12HLED416MV30N, LAMP 09HLED1177MV30B
Ceramic Interceramic Porcelain Floor Quarry Bronze 60X120, Porcelain Floor Emboss Silver 40X120, Tina Dublin MB-PB237-0, TINA MB-V8054-A-CP Mono Controller

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