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Caritas Pavilion By Piuarch as Architects

caritas-pavilion-2-1508611271.jpg Photographer: ©Andrea Martiradonna

caritas-pavilion-4-1508611272.jpg Photographer: ©Andrea Martiradonna

caritas-pavilion-3-1508611272.jpg Photographer: ©Andrea Martiradonna

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caritas-pavilion-5-1508611279.jpg Photographer: ©Andrea Martiradonna

caritas-pavilion-7-1508611285.jpg Photographer: ©Andrea Martiradonna

caritas-pavilion-8-1508611285.jpg Photographer: ©Andrea Martiradonna

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Designed for the Expo 2015 area in Milan, the Caritas Pavilion is based around the message: “Divide to multiply. Break the bread” or, in other words, the idea of sharing wealth. The Edicola, this is the name of the small pavilion, has the appearance of a fragmented cube that translates into architectural terms the idea of creating wealth by sharing. The structure has been designed keeping simplicity at the core of its composition and the unadorned nature of its appearance. 

The project is divided into 5 structures that are similar to each other but of different sizes and designed for…

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Project details
Location MilanLombardiaItaly
Program Type Pavillion
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Involve Companies
Architects Piuarch
Consultants FV Progetti
Engineers ESA Engineering
Photographers Andrea Martiradonna

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