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Canal Street By Heliotrope as Architects

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The Canal Street project takes a narrow, commercially-zoned, urban-infill lot, formerly occupied by a small, rundown 1950s-era house and replaces it with a new, forward-thinking 5,233-square-foot, commercial office building for two creative agencies, Turnstyle (a graphic design firm) and Stoke (a branding firm). The 30-foot-wide x 100-foot-deep lot is situated along a shoreline greenbelt across the street from the ship canal in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

The design cleverly navigates the land use code to maximize the overall building size by squeezing four floor levels onto a site that, technically, only allows two. This was…

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Project details
Location SeattleWashingtonUnited States
Program Type Apartment, Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Tags Family Residence, Private House, Apartment
Involve Companies
Architects Heliotrope
Photographers Aaron Leitz Photographer

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