Calabar Shopping Mall

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Calabar Shopping Mall By ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd. as Architects

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In 2013, the Artee Group of Nigeria appointed ANA as primary design consultants for their retail real estate development projects. Artee is the largest retail supermarket player in Nigeria and represents SPAR as a brand. They successfully owned and operated 9 hypermarkets, prior to their foray in the retail real estate segment.

Nigeria offers great opportunity, being a hydrocarbon producer and exporter, as well as boasting a largely young, urban and literate population. The aspirational Nigerian population was driving a huge consumption-driven economy, and the Artee Group wanted to create long term value, by providing well…

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Project details
Location Nigeria
Program Type Shopping Mall, Supermarket
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Tags Shopping Mall, Supermarket, Commercial
Involve Companies
Architects ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd.

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