CREATER SPACE of Duo Yun Xuan Art Center

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Bauhaus inspired workplace by Yushe Design By Yushe Design as Architects

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Located at the waterfront of Huangpu River in Shanghai, adjoining the most popular republic space -West Bund Cultural Corridor(WBCC), Duo Yun Xuan Art Center features to create a unique and creative workplace combined with spaces of related commerce and common spaces for art events.

The rehabilitation of the space faced many challenges which undeniably guided each of our design and spatial planning decisions: utilization of the narrow and cramped space due to the irregular form of the building; optimization of the circulation to respond to the low penetration of flow; integration of artistical working concept; coordination of the relationship…

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Project details
Location ShanghaiChina
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Involve Companies
Interior designers Yushe Design

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