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CO2 Pavilion Beijing By Superimpose Architecture as Architects

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Superimpose Architecture designed the CO2 Pavilion for the Beijing Design Week 2018 as anenclosed place for isolation and contemplation from urban chaos,and as atridimensional projection screen for multidisciplinary performances on the multi-layered exterior.Ultimately architecture, music, visual art and light artwork hand-in hand to consolidate awareness about the conditions of the cities we inhabit. 

Architect: Superimpose Architecture
Site: Beijing, China 
Year Build: 2018
Client: Beijing Shardisland Technology Co., Ltd.
Partners Superimpose: Carolyn Leung,Ben de Lange, Ruben Bergambagt.
Design team: Superimpose Architecture - Carolyn Leung, Ben de Lange, Ruben Bergambagt, Arianna…

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Project details
Location BeijingBeijingChina
Program Type Pavillion
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Architects Superimpose Architecture

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