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CENTRO*Arezzo Coop.fi By Piuarch as Architects

coop-arezzo-1-1504258830.jpg Photographer: Giovanni Hänninen

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coop-arezzo-8-1504258830.jpg Photographer: Giovanni Hänninen

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An iconic urban landmark, but also a sustainable structure for an evolving shopping experience: the new CENTRO*Arezzo Coop.fi frees itself from the conceptual dictates of the traditional shopping mall and acts as a social and recreation pole that is perfectly integrated with the city. Opened in 1988, the complex has undergone a significant aesthetic and functional redevelopment that has completely changed its identity and its relationship with the surrounding environment.

The Piuarch project, commissioned by Unicoop Florence, is based on the repetition of the circle shape, the cornerstone of the company’s logo, and on the idea of…

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Project details
Location FlorenceToscanaItaly
Program Type Shopping Mall
Year Build completed in the year 2016
Involve Companies
Architects Piuarch
Photographers Giovanni Hänninen

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